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Features & Benefits

100% Principal Guarantee
Customisable Structures


Residential Status

Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents or non-residents with valid work passes


Age Requirement

18 years old and above


Signing Conditions

Singly or Joint


Minimum Subscription Amount

Minimum investment of $10,000 and in further multiples of $1,000 thereafter, in the respective currency

Extra Features

Important Notes & Disclaimer

This advertisement is for general information only and does not take into account the specific investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs of any person. Unlike traditional deposits, structured deposits have an investment element and returns may vary. You may wish to seek advice from a licensed or an exempt financial adviser before making a commitment to purchase this product. In the event that you choose not to seek advice from a licensed or an exempt financial adviser, you should carefully consider whether this product is suitable for you. Marketing and Advertising materials are not reviewed or endorsed by the MAS.


The returns on your structured deposit will be affected by the performance of the underlying/reference asset, and the recovery of your principal may be jeopardised if you make an early redemption. Provided that the whole amount of the Initial Principal Amount is held with the Bank up to the Maturity Date, 100% of the Initial Principal Amount shall be guaranteed and payable by the Bank to the investor on the Maturity Date.


Where any forecast on the economy, stock market, bond market and economic trends of the markets is indicated, it should be noted that such forecast is not necessarily indicative of the future or likely performance of the structured deposit. When past performance of the structured deposit, or that of its underlying financial instruments, is utilised to illustrate possible returns of that structured deposit, it should be noted that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Foreign currency deposits, dual currency investments, structured deposits and other investment products are not insured.


The information contained within is accurate at the time of printing, but we are not responsible if there are any errors or missing information. If the document becomes out of date, we do not have to replace it. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage arising in connection with, or as a result of, any person acting on any information provided in this document. Please do not reproduce or share any of the information in this document without the written permission of CIMB Bank Berhad.