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Unlimited 2% Cashback
Travel Privileges
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Financial Flexibility with CIMB Visa Infinite

Keen to explore the above benefits? Unlock the full potential of your finances with CIMB Visa Infinite Credit Card today. From exclusive airport lounge access to concierge services, CIMB Visa Infinite’s travel privileges awaits.

Enjoy Unparalleled Benefits

Make CIMB Visa Infinite your preferred travel credit card for travel and overseas spending and tap into endless possibilities. From extensive travel insurance coverage to no annual fees, don't miss out on the benefits. Switch to CIMB Visa Infinite Credit Card and experience the pinnacle of credit card options available in Singapore!


To apply for the CIMB Visa Infinite Credit Card, you must meet the following criteria: Min. annual income (Singaporean/Singapore PR): S$120,000.

Applicants who do not meet the minimum income requirement can submit a minimum Fixed Deposit Collateral of S$50,000.

Eligible Age

  • Principal: 21 - 70 years old
  • Supplementary: minimum 18 years old


Terms & Conditions

The 2% cashback consists of the base cashback of 1% and an additional 1% cashback. To qualify for the 2% cashback, you must spend at least S$2,000 posted in the same statement month.


Terms & Conditions for the CIMB 0% i.Pay Plan apply. Click here for details.


Instant Loan Disbursement is applicable for applications done via CIMB Clicks Internet Banking. Terms & Conditions governing CIMB CashLite Personal Instalment Loan apply. Click here for details.


Terms & Conditions for CIMB Balance Transfer apply. Click here for details.


* Terms and Conditions apply. Please refer to the respective promotion page for details.


Documents Required (Non-returnable)

A photocopy of both sides of an NRIC for both Principal and Supplementary Card applicants (if any) OR a photocopy of a valid passport for foreign Supplementary Card applicants (if any).

1. For Salaried Employees:

  • Latest computerised payslip OR
  • CPF Contribution History Statement (for past 12 months) OR
  • Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment AND CPF Contribution History Statement (for past 12 months) OR Latest computerised payslip


2. For Self Employed:

  • Latest 2 years Income Tax Notice of Assessment AND
  • Bank statement (for past 3 months)


3. For Commissioned or Variable Income Earners:

  • Latest 2 years Income Tax Notice of Assessment OR
  • CPF Contribution History Statement (for past 12 months)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the CIMB Visa Infinite Credit Card, and who is it designed for?

The CIMB Visa Infinite Credit Card is a premium travel credit card tailored towards high earners seeking extensive travel benefits and a wealth of exclusive privileges. It is catered for individuals with frequent travel and overseas spending. The card will be beneficial to you if you meet a minimum annual income of S$120,000 as a Singaporean citizen or Permanent Resident.

How does the CIMB Visa Infinite Credit Card compare to other credit cards in terms of benefits and annual fees?

The CIMB Visa Infinite Credit Card stands out as one of the best travel credit cards in the market (one of the highest unlimited cashback for premium credit cards offered by banks in Singapore as of 1 December 2023). Offering unparalleled benefits such as unlimited 2% cashback on travel, overseas spend, and online transactions in foreign currencies, it provides a unique edge for avid travellers. Moreover, cardholders can enjoy the luxury of free airport lounge access, Visa Infinite Concierge services, and extensive travel insurance. Best of all, it comes with no annual fee, making it an exceptional choice for those valuing both premium perks and cost savings.

What is the credit limit typically offered with the CIMB Visa Infinite Credit Card, and can it be adjusted based on individual needs?

The credit limit for the CIMB Visa Infinite Credit Card is determined based on an individual's income and creditworthiness. While there's no fixed standard limit, CIMB continually reviews cardholder profiles to ensure the credit limit aligns with their financial capability. For our existing CIMB cardmembers who are seeking credit limit adjustments, whether an increase or decrease, please submit the credit limit form which can be found in our download centre.


To view more FAQs, visit the CIMB Credit Card FAQ Page.