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Event Details


In 2022, the global economy will be moving into its 3rd year since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the world gradually grows to cope from a pandemic to an endemic state of things, what will be the gameplan for 2022?


Join Daryl Leong from J.P. Morgan Asset Management as he shares his views on the market’s key opportunities and give further insights on strategies that can complement your investment portfolio.


We have also prepared a special segment exclusively for you with Master Ken Koh from House of Feng Shui to share on how one can turn your Tiger Stars into Opportunities. This includes insights of your Zodiac forecast and Luck Cycle as well as Fengshui tips for your home and office space and some Wealth Activation tips for 2022.

By participating in this webinar, you will be required to access a third party platform provider and your use thereof may be subject to the terms and conditions of use of such third party platform. You also consent to your name, photo and/or video being displayed to other participants during the webinar. Kindly mute your microphone and/or turn off your video function prior to joining the webinar if you do not wish to be heard and/or seen during the session. CIMB Bank Berhad will not be held responsible or liable for any actions or omissions of the platform provider, external speaker and participants during this webinar.


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